About GTPA


Toshichika Ishihara
The Golf Tournament Promotion
Association of Japan, Inc. 

  Golf is an international sport beloved and fondly embraced by people the world over.In Japan alone,We have 10 million golf lovers.Golf is supported by a broad age range of people,both as a "participant sport" and a "spectator sport. " 

  In Japan, professional golf has a history extending over more than 50 years. The tournaments themselves are supported as a communication tool by many corporate organizations. Today, professional golf has grown to the level where more than 80 tournaments are staged for men and women every year. 

  Just about all these tournaments are broadcast over television. Newspapers and magazines, too, give them widespread coverage as one of the nation’s most popular sports. Thanks to this publicity in the media, golf is assuming an increasingly
important role every year in the field of philanthropy-by contributing to charity, by promoting volunteer activities, and by serving regional development. 

  On the other hand, however, the golf tournament world faces a mass of mounting problems which it must solve during the coming years. 

  "The Japan Golf Tournaments Council," the predecessor of our GTPA was funded in 1983. In 1991,it made a fresh start as a non-profit organization, "The Golf Tournament Promotion Association of Japan, Inc." under the joint jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The GTPA is still young, therefore, with a history covering close to a decade. 

  Over these years, it has addressed itself to tournament sponsors/underwriters, and to the many concerned companies and organizations that form the bulwark of the tournament world-television networks, newspapers, magazine publishers, advertising agencies, tournament management companies, golf course owners and other affi1iated companies一, calling upon them for their participation. They have responded enthusiastically, and in growing numbers over the years. 

  The core members of our GTPA are the sponsors of men’s and women’s tournaments. We believe that the key to promotion of good, financially sound tournaments is that the sponsors approach them with understanding and insight. 

  Nowhere else in the world is there an organization like the GTPA with committees of specialists thoroughly conversant with the various aspects of tournaments-specialists selected from the many member companies and organizations which have a deep understanding and perception of tournament promotion-to deal with tournament problems as they arise. It is our goal to continue expanding our activities in a way that will make Japan proud of us.

To all of you who are involved in our activities, the GTPA asks for continuing understanding, and support for and cooperation with our goals.

NAME : The Golf Tournament Promotion Association of Japan, Inc.(GTPA )

FOUNDED : March 27,1991.

PURPOSE : The Association, in order to support the growth of golf tournaments, seeks
to maintain and coordinate liaison with companies involved in tournaments, and concurrently conducts research and studies to advance and improve the level of tournaments, monitor safety measures, establish tournaments as effective channels of communication with the public, elevate behavior patterns surrounding the sport, and stimulate the spread of charity activities which contribute to the public welfare. Through these activities, the Association aims to advance sports in general in Japan and elevate the lives of the people.

  • Conducing research and studies related to the support and promotion of golf tournaments.

  • Upgrading the level of safety measures at golf tournaments.

  • Stimulating and improving the effectiveness of golf tournaments as a communications tool.

  • Elevating the level of manners at golf tournaments, both among spectators and players.

  • Advancing the contributions of golf tournaments to charitable activities that serve public welfare.

  • Gathering and disbursing information leading to the growth of interest in golf tournaments.

  • Cooperating and maintaining ties with golf-related organizations, domestic and foreign.

  • In addition to the above, carrying out undertaking necessary to achieve the goals of this Association.

ADDRESS : 5th Floor, Akasaka Fukugen Building,
Tokyo 107-0052
TEL : 03-3585-7741.FAX : 03-3585-7745
URL : http://www.golf-gtpa.or.jp